Arrow Marketing Services - New!


Arrow ECS Internet Security AG now provides partners with new marketing

Whether you want to promote or advertise an event, a webinar, a workshop, a
training or a new service of yours, you can now benefit from Arrow’s Marketing

Our agent (English-, and French-speaking) offer you the possibility
to conduct marketing campaigns for various purposes.


What we offer:

  • Personalized mailing;
  • Callouts (from Swiss phone numbers);
  • Contact list creation or refresh (when needed);
  • Intelligence gathering;
  • Complete report with detailed feedback;
  • Free of accent French and German speakers;
  • Follow-ups on campaign status (e.g. conference calls, weekly activity reports…);
  • The possibility to directly communicate with our agents whenever needed.

The pricing for this service is as follows:

  • 10 CHF per callout contact
  • 15 CHF per contact to create
  • 10 CHF per contact to refresh


Your first Oracle Marketing Campaign is FREE OF CHARGE ! Don’t wait any longer !

Interested? Please get in touch with us under or contact our Business Development Specialist:

Alexandre Chéron

Enterprise Business
Development Specialist

French and English speaker
+41 43 222 84 39